DYUTIH Organics - Our story


DYUTIH Organics - Our story

What’s important to you when it comes to your skin care? For us, our goal is to maintain our youthful-looking glow for a lifetime.  How do we plan to do this?  By using products that are gentle, plant-based yet highly effective to help take care of our skin.  Skin care is not only using products to wash our faces, remove makeup and hydrate our skin.  We feel that it should be a daily ritual where we get in touch with our skin and take the necessary steps to obtain optimal results.

DYUTIH Organics was created from our passion for maintaining youthful-looking skin.  No matter what age or gender, our skin responds to how it is treated and cared for.  In essence, our skin records how we handle it - either carefully or harshly. This will instantly be revealed in how our skin appears and how it ages over time.

DYUTIH, pronounced /•DOO-TEE/, means bodily luster in ancient

Sanskrit. Known as the “mother of all languages”, it is the

oldest language in the world with an Indo-European origin.


Our curated skin care line features exotic botanicals and rituals that discerning women have rendered indispensable for a lifetime of luminous, youthful-looking skin. A modern alchemy of 100% all natural, organic ingredients (proven and newfound botanical actives) targets skin concerns using minimalist, high performance, organic formulations.

 The concentrated, botanically-focused collection marries with an efficacious delivery system for an exceptional, healthy-looking glow. Indulgent skin care creams, lotions and elixirs help to improve skin tone and texture for visible short term and long term results.

What’s more? The products are Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and feature Organic Ingredients that are recognized for their powerful skin care benefits.  Grow with us and learn the secrets for a lifetime of gorgeous skin.